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Plug and Play Biodevice

What is a plug and play biodevice?

A plug and play biodevice is a structurally designed and synthetically engineered RNA molecule that has two components:

  • A sensor, designed to target a specific disease biomarker
  • A trigger, designed to encode a specific protein

How does it work?

When the plug and play biodevice penetrates any cell of a patient, the sensor detects if the cell expresses the targeted biomarker. If it does, the protein encoded in the trigger is translated. If not, the biodevice is naturally degraded by the cellular machinery without the encoded protein being translated.

Our pipeline

  • 1. Disease specific biomarkers are accurately selected
  • 2. Plug and play biodevices capable of detecting the selected biomarkers are designed
  • 3. Plug and play biodevices are prepared for in-vitro and in-vivo delivery